Attitude & Motivation

Much has been written about the importance of attitude and the connection between attitude and motivation. It has been said that attitude is everything and that it is the one thing all of us can control. We also know from research and best practices that choosing to have a good attitude goes a long way toward success, and that success goes a long way toward being motivated . . . which leads to more success . . . which leads to more motivation . . . which leads to more success and better maintenance of a good attitude.

During  staff development inservices and graduate courses I conduct, this thought is often shared – “one of the biggest challenges teachers face in teaching struggling learners is their attitude.” This statement is always followed by a long pause, designed to give educators time to let it sink in and get past the “yeah, if students would only have a better attitude, my job would be easier.” It is so interesting to watch faces change as the “aha” moment comes and they realize that I am talking about their attitude just as much as the students’ attitude. I just love to see those “light bulb” moments!

Just remember what Emerson said – “The ancestor of every action is a thought.” So choose your thoughts wisely . . . choose a positive attitude . . . affirm yourself everyday (and your students too) . . . be mind “full” of what “is” (what is going well & when students are “connecting the dots”) . . . mind “less” of what isn’t (what isn’t going well or what is “wrong”) . . . . recognize teachable moments . . . and then act according to your thoughts. You will see a difference in the attitude and motivation of your students!